Homicide at a Bessemer night club could lead to its demise

By Melanie Posey

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) -  Some Bessemer City Council members are asking for a club to be shut down while police investigate a recent homicide that happened there.

Maurice "Mo" Thomas, 23, was killed at the "Gettie Boyz" club in the early morning hours of July 2nd.  Two other men were injured.

A Bessemer city council woman is asking that the club be shut down until police finish investigating the shooting.

Councilor Dorothy Davidson says she is waiting to find out what actually happened before deciding if it should be shut down permanently, or maybe it may need more security.  But some in Maurice Thomas' family says they don't need to wait for the results of the investigation to determine the club should be closed.

"I think it should be (closed) permanently" said Lorraine Goines, a cousin of Thomas'.  "Because if it happened once, it'll probably happen again because of what goes on in a lot of those types of establishments."

FOX6 tried numerous times today to get reaction from members of the "Gettie Boyz" club. We were unable to do so.  As for the investigation into Thomas' death, police have one suspect in custody and are still searching for another, Edmund Carter of Birmingham.

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