Authorities searching for cemetery vandals in Pell City

PELL CITY, AL (WBRC) - Vandals smashed urns, turned over headstones and knocked down benches in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Pell City.

The police department says the damage valued at up to $11,000. They say it is that much because the vandals damaged marble which can't be repaired only replaced.

Wednesday family members whose loved one's graves were damaged were angry and distraught when seeing what happened.  The lead investigator on this case says this is uncommon for Pell City.

"It's really a shame for our community.  This is rather unique in that our community doesn't have this type of problem and it's really unfortunate that someone would choose to vandalize the resting place of so many of our citizens," Investigator Joshua Herren said.

Officers say the Oak Ridge Cemetery Association Board of Directors will pay for the damages.  Families will not have to pay to fix their gravesites themselves.  Officer Herren says he currently has leads in the case and expects to catch who did this.

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