Committee approves Walgreens plans

By Jonathan Hardison

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Controversial plans for a new Walgreens on Birmingham's Southside were approved by the city council's economic development committee Tuesday afternoon.

Developers won approval from concerned neighbors by promising to do everything possible to save the historic fire station #22 located on the site.

Developer ConnollyNet Lease LLC agreed to try and renovate the fire station to make it the new home of Bogue's restaurant, which is being displaced by the new Walgreens.

Developers say they don't yet know how much the renovations will cost, and they retain the right to back out of buying the fire station if the economics don't work.

Neighbors who originally opposed the development because it planned to tear the station down, told councilors Tuesday they are happy with Walgreens' agreement.

The fire station sale goes to the full council for a vote next.

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