Robert Bentley defends against Vietnam vet criticism

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - A Republican candidate for governor is defending his military record.

Dr. Robert Bentley has received criticism from some Vietnam vets. They say his ad talking about seeing military personnel injured in Vietnam is distorting the truth.
Bentley says he was stationed in North Carolina during the war and he saw patients at Fort Bragg who were injured in Vietnam.
Bentley believes the criticism originated with opponent Bradley Byrne's campaign.

"What we said in our ads, number one, that I had been the hospital commander, I had been.  Number two, did I treat wounded soldiers that had been injured in Vietnam? Absolutely I did," said Bentley.

The Byrne campaign says that Bentley's accusations against them are false. They also say Bentley is accusing them of the criticism in order to deflect attention from the concerns of the Vietnam vets.

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