Legislative Black Caucus "outraged" over Greenetrack raid

GREENE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Legislative Black Caucus is outraged over the Greenetrack raid, and wants answers from Governor Bob Riley.

State Representative John Rogers, a Birmingham democrat, tells FOX 6 News that the legislative black caucus is demanding the governor's anti-gambling task force to leave Greene County, and they want to know what plan Governor Riley has to replace the lost jobs of Greenetrack employees.  Riley press secretary Jeff Emerson responded by saying "We're enforcing the law.  Businesses don't want to move into a place where local officials are corrupt, and refuse to obey the law."

Rogers said he and other members of the black caucus are prepared to go to jail over the battle.  "It's not fair to steal people's jobs, the little people are losing out," said Rogers.

State Senator Bobby Singleton, a Greene County democrat, called FOX 6 News Thursday morning to say he and several others were loaded onto a Department of Corrections bus in a mass arrest.  Track workers, county commissioners, and the Greenetrack CEO were all arrested.

The governor's anti-gambling task force is waiting on an Alabama Supreme Court ruling to begin removing machines from the complex.

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