Recent weather pushes the snakes closer to us

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - All of the rain is causing a problem that creeps out many people...snakes.

Recent rainfall has flooded snakes from of their hiding places which leads to increased encounters with us.

They are out trying to find somewhere cooler, like your basement, garage, or your garden bed.

Micah Willis, a wildlife technician with Critter Control, says snakes have been keeping him busy for the past month. He goes out to neighborhoods seven to eight times a week to catch snakes.

Willis says snakes are actually good to have outside your home because they eat rodents. Yet, folks are still warned not to get close to one.

"Any snake you should assume that it's a dangerous snake, stay away from it, said Willis. "Most aren't going to be dangerous. Most are rat snakes and black racers, most of those are the bigger ones. Folks get scared of those because they are big."

Willis says he's catching a lot of rat snakes, adding that there is a problem with copper heads in Mountain Brook.

Here's something to keep in mind, snakes can easily hide in the weeds, wood piles and tall grass. So the best thing to do to keep snakes away is to keep your yard neat and maintained.

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