Hoover police investigate overnight murder

By Melanie Posey

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - A 22-year old Hoover man died on the street inside his apartment complex on Wednesday morning.  

Police found Reginald Herrin inside The Park at Galleria apartments.  He was shot to death.  

As for a motive, police say, "We hope that will come out during the investigation."

Captain Jim Coker added, "The very positive thing, of course, is we did have three people in custody quickly last night, so this isn't a whodunit."    

Formal warrants are expected to be obtained by Thursday.

Herrin's death is one of only a handful of homicides the city of Hoover has seen in the last five years.  Still, one resident says he's not surprised by Herrin's death.  "Just down the street, one lady was walking her dog and got killed.  And it's just something going on all over the city so it's not surprising it's in Hoover."        

Police are not releasing the suspects' names, but say they and Herrin were acquaintances.

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