Bob Sykes' Fried Green Tomatoes

Bob Sykes BBQ Restaurant

Fried Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes

Tannehill Stone Ground Corn Mill 1 cup: Grinded at the Grist mill in Tannehill State Park and sold only at Bob Sykes Bbq in Bessemer and Tannehill State Park locations

Buttermilk 2 cups

3 eggs

4 oz water

½ cup flour

Tsp salt and pepper

Vegetable oil

Garlic Powder to taste

2 tsp crab boil and/or cayenne pepper to taste

Cut tomatoes ½ inch thick

Place tomatoes in egg wash-consist of water and eggs

Dredge in buttermilk

Dredge in batter mixture-consist of cornmeal, seasonings and flour

Dredge tomatoes in egg wash

Fry tomatoes in 3 minutes on each side over hot vegetable oil

Fry tomatoes for about 3 minutes on each side to get crusty