Firefighters and their families protesting at Birmingham City Hall

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Dozens of Birmingham firefighters protested city hall on Tuesday over a proposed pay cut.

They were not alone as they protested those potential salary cuts. Family members joined in on the fight against the cuts that the firefighters association says could be up to 35%.

The cuts are coming from two different areas. First, there are cuts to city employees in next year's budget. That includes the proposed 7 unpaid holidays.

Firefighters are also facing cuts that Mayor William Bell says are not optional. Bell says an additional 20% pay cut for firefighters relates to a federal court case--it's ongoing and requires firefighters and police pay to be comparable.

"We're basically scheduled to work 7 days a week," said Don Baker, the President of the Birmingham Firefighters Association. "That's holidays. That's Easter. That's Christmas. That's your birthday. We work 520 hours more in a year than a police officer and all we're asking for is equal pay for equal hours."

Baker says he is meeting with attorney's Tuesday to get a better understanding on that 20% pay cut ordered by a judge.

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