Siegelman/Scrushy case to be reviewed by order of Supreme Court

By Melanie Posey

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBRC) - A U.S. Supreme Court ruling could lead to big changes in a major government corruption case.  

On Tuesday, the justices ordered the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to review the convictions of former Governor Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy.  The decision comes after a ruling in former Enron head Jeffrey Skilling.   

The justices decided the "honest services" statute was too broad and, after narrowing it, felt Siegelman and Scrushy's cases should be reviewed.  

Former Federal Judge John Carroll said the ruling on "honest services fraud" was a significant ruling, but may not be so for Siegelman and Scrushy specifically.  "It is not as good as Siegelman and Scrushy would have hoped in that the statute's not overturned," Carroll said.  "There may be some language in the opinion that gives them hope though."   

Siegelman's attorney, Susan James says her client and legal team has always been optimistic that he would be found not guilty.  "This is a legal twist on this case," James said.  "But it speaks volumes to the fact that someone who makes a political contribution and gets an appointment doesn't mean they committed a crime."  

FOX6 News tried to contact Richard Scrushy's attorney for comment on the ruling but was unable to reach him.

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