Trafford post office destroyed by fire

By Alan Collins

TRAFFORD,AL (WBRC) - A late night blaze Saturday destroyed the town's on post office. Monday., working in a temporary setup at the community center at city hall says the mail was delivered on time. Some charred pieces of mail survived the fire."The customer had an income tax check. It was black but he opened it and it was normal. He was on the way back to the bank to deposit it."Srofe said.

Talks are underway to discuss the post office's possible future here in Trafford. But, one thing th mayor will insist on it will be built here in Trafford."As far as I'm concerned, anybody working with me or around me, we are going for the post office to stay in Trafford Alabama." Trafford Mayor Robert Niblet said.

Mayor Niblet would like to see a new post office built near city hall as a part of a downtown renovation effort."If we can get the post office to move here . We can talk other small business to move on main street."Niblet said.

A trailer is expected to arrive which will serve as another temporary office. Meanwhile postal customers are asked to be patient. "They can still buy stamps. Mail their packages. I've not set up for credit or debit cards. As long as you have cash everything is normal."Srofe said

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