Churches take Sunday to pray for the gulf

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Churches all over our area and in Louisiana and Mississippi used this past Sunday as a day to pray over the disaster in the gulf.
At More Than Conquerors Faith Church, Pastor Steven Green dedicated a section of his sermon to pray for the Gulf Coast oil spill and all of Alabama.

"We're just asking God for wisdom. When Solomon got ready to build his house, he said God give us wisdom," says Green. "We don't know how God is going to intervene, whether it's a supernatural wave to clean up the oil or if he'll just give us the next step on what to do."

Though Governor Bob Riley dedicated Sunday as the special day for prayer, churches are calling for constant prayer for the Gulf Coast.

The prayers are said to be needed. Doctors and psychiatrists along the Gulf Coast say they are starting to see the same symptoms from people as they saw after Hurricane Katrina. Symptoms include increases in anxiety levels, drinking, depression and suicidal thoughts.

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