Neighbors protest closing of Inglenook library

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - More than 50 neighbors from Birmingham's Inglenook community chanted, held signs and marched Friday morning in an effort to save the neighborhood library.  

"We want to make a last minute stand to let the officials of Birmingham know Inglenook is alive, we breathe, we have voices and faces," the crowd chanted.

Their efforts come as Inglenook is one of three libraries in the city to close in an effort to help ease budget strains.  Inglenook was chosen to close because of structural and ADA concerns.  It's also in close proximity to other branches.  

City councilor Maxine Parker visited the library Wednesday and made a second tour Friday that gave her hope.  

"I don't see a real reason whey we can address the ADA issues and keep this library open," Parker said.

With a lean budget, she says something must go, but that there are other options.  

"And rather than close them, let's look at the length of time it's open so all citizens can be served," Parker said.

Parker will now take new recommendations back to the city council.

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