Birmingham firefighters worried over additional pay cuts

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – Birmingham firefighters met one on one with Mayor William Bell on Thursday night. They got a chance to get their questions answered about proposed pay cuts.

Firefighters are worried about their checks being cut even more than what city leaders are proposing. Mayor Bell says an additional 20% cut to firefighter pay is out of his control. He says it is involving issues raised in a federal court case and he has to meet the expectations of a judge. There is an ongoing case that requires firefighter and police yearly pay to be comparable.

Members of the Birmingham Firefighters Association do not think the additional cuts are fair. "I think the council is working diligently to go over budget with a fine tooth comb," says Don Baker, the President of the Birmingham Firefighters Association. "I'm pleased with what they have been doing, however I question from where some of this directive may be coming from as to firefighter pay must be cut."

Baker says the meeting with the mayor did give his members a better understanding of why the additional 20% cuts are being imposed. Baker says he is now forced to accept it. He says he will continue to go the council's budget workshops to see what can be done to make the other proposed cuts as minimal as possible for his members.

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