Walker County battles meth problem

By Katie Herrera

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - In Walker County, methamphetamine is the number one drug problem, according to Adam Hadder, Assistant Director of the Walker County Narcotics Unit.

Hadder says the problems stem from the fact that now meth can be made in containers as small 20 ounce bottles. It's called the "shake and bake" method. It's easier to make, easier to transport and easier to toss.

Now the miniature meth labs are becoming a safety concern for the public. Residents are finding them on the side of the road.

"They just take them and throw them out on the side of the road," said Hadder, referring to the suspects making the meth. "We have had continuous calls of people that are walking on the side of the road, or walking their front yards, and find a meth lab that's just been tossed out."

The "shake and bake" labs may look like just an average soda bottle at first. Hadder says you can usually tell if it's a lab if because it will have black pellets inside, which are the nitrate fertilizer. It will also have a chemical odor.

Hadder says not to handle one if you find one. They are very dangerous.

"They're very volatile and explosive. So just laying on the side of the road, they could reactivate," said Hadder.

They are also making it harder to crack down on the growing problem.

"It's taking time and manpower for us to go out and clean it up, and we don't even have a body or an arrest to go with it."
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