Bentley promises to continue positive campaigning

By Alan Collins

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Now that the race for the Republican nomination for governor is down to two, the campaign heats up.
This weekend, the Bradley Byrne campaign launched a TV campaign ad attacking Robert Bentley. The ad accused Bentley of supporting legislation protecting teachers who break the law to continue state benefits and voting against double dipping by lawmakers. In Columbiana Bentley vowed to run a positive campaign. "We are not going to run a negative ad against our opponent," Bentley said.

Bentley claims to be the lead and that is why the Byrne Campaign is attacking him. "We talked about real issues facing Alabama. Unemployment. That is stopping federal government intrusion in our lives and cleaning up Montgomery," Bentley said.

UAB political analyst Larry Powell says Bentley had better get used to negative ads."Dr. Bentley has had a free ride. No one has gone after him. Negative campaigning is a part of the business. It's going to come. He is going to have learn to deal with it," Powell said.

Bentley told the crowd in Shelby County Byrne is distorting his record and his campaign will respond to clear the record. Bentley says as a lawmaker he voted to end benefits for teachers who violate the law and against double dipping.
Powell says Bentley can leave the attacks against Byrne to others."He can run a positive campaign. It's a good chance AEA will continue the negative attacks on Byrne for him. He may not have to attack directly."Powell said.
The Alabama Education Association continues to oppose Byrne's nomination because of his criticism of the teacher's union for its influence in the legislature.

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