Graysville expected to grow after Corridor X completion

By Ashley Nix

GRAYSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Graysville Mayor Doug Brewer says the completion of Corridor X, the future Interstate 22, will be the biggest thing to happen in his city, ever.  

Work to connect the corridor to Interstate 65 will begin next month by an Atlanta-based company, Archer Western, at $168 million.  It's much below expected costs, at over $200 million.  

It will be a huge undertaking, constructing 19 bridges and overpasses.   "Even for us at DOT, it's a job that sometimes scares us," Brian Davis, 3rd Division Engineer said.  "The biggest job that the DOT has ever let, $250 million for a single project is something we just don't do in the state."

For drivers, it means relief.  For Graysville, it means growth and history making.  "Residential and commercial growth, this is going to be the biggest thing in the history of our city," Brewer said Thursday.  

The mayor also says he's been contacted by about 500 different companies, all discussing business opportunities, directly due to Corridor X.  "I have met with them, our City Council President Bobby Brown has met with them, and we are now seeing the light of day on I-22," Brewer said.  

It's a light of day that will benefit drivers and municipalities for years to come.  

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