Anniston soup kitchen finds forgiveness for burglars

By Dixon Hayes

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - There probably will not be any arrests, but there is plenty of forgiveness for thieves who raided a soup kitchen in Anniston.
Organizers of the Anniston Soup Bowl on Moore Avenue say someone broke into the non-profit agency during Memorial Day weekend.  Among the haul:  120 pounds of ground beef, 300 pounds of chicken, buns, canned goods, a computer and the computer's backup CDs.  Executive director Linda Turner puts the loss around $1,000 and says the agency has not fully recovered.
"I've got to admit I went through a lot of anger for the first few minutes," Turner recalled about the Monday the theft was recovered.   Then she realized her computer and nearly all of her food were gone.  "After my anger dissipated, I just kind of prayed that it was somebody hitting rock bottom and it would bring them back up and give them a reason to start over again and not do this again."
Anniston Police were never called in, despite the fact Turner says she thinks she knows who did it.  She says it was a volunteer who had a key to the building.
"The person that did this is a recovering addict, and I knew that, in the beginning.  But you know, I had high hopes, and thought things would work out okay and they didn't.  But maybe this is what it's going to take to turn that life around."
The Anniston Soup Kitchen is taking donations.  Sister Jane O'Connor of the Interfaith Center of Concern brought a $200 check for a new computer, and another man even brought in garden raised squash.
"We have good people in the community who support us," says Turner," and I think they'll step up and replenish what we need."
Anyone who would like to make a donation can send a check or money order to:
The Anniston Soup Kitchen
P.O. Box 2072
Anniston, AL 36202
They can also take food donations at the Soup Bowl's location on 1516 Moore Avenue in Anniston.

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