Police to write citations for unattended running vehicles

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham Police want to stop car thieves. They'll start  by giving "you" a citation if you make your car easy pickings.

The captain of the Birmingham's west precinct says last week, four cars were stolen in two days, and in each case, the car was running.

Captain Jerry Wiley says it happens far too often. Usually, people run into a convenience store.

He's now instructed his officers to ticket anyone who leaves their car running while unattended.

"I know it's hot but you're only going in the store for a few minutes. The car's not going to get that much hotter once you go inside," Wiley said.   "And if your car's stolen I'm afraid you'll be a little more upset than you were if it were just hot inside the car."

There is a state statute that prohibits leaving unattended and running.  A violation carries a $30 fine.

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