Republican recount expected to wrap up

By Arielle Clay

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - The recount for the Republican primary race for Alabama governor could be over as soon as today.     
Candidate Tim James is hoping to get the votes he needs to edge out Robert Bentley for a runoff slot in the Republican race for governor.
The Alabama Republican Party says 57 counties completed the re-count process Tuesday and Wednesday. That only leaves ten more and those counties could wrap things up today.

Despite the fact that Tim James is paying for this re-count, he seems to be losing votes. In Walker County, Bradley Byrne and Robert Bentley both lost a vote and Roy Moore gained two, but James' total stayed the same.

Tim James did pick up one vote in Calhoun County. Election officials say they had extra workers on hand, and the re-count there wrapped up about two hours ahead of schedule.

Even if Tim James picks up the votes he needs to move into second place, he most likely will not be on the July 13th Republican runoff ballot. Secretary of State Beth Chapman has already certified Bradley Byrne and Robert Bentley for that race.

If James somehow finds the votes to make up the 167 vote difference, he will have to challenge the results in court.

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