Police asking people to avoid being easy targets for burglars

By Sherea Harris

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Hoover police officers are investigating several recent car burglaries, 15 of which happened Monday night.

They occurred a four apartment and townhouse complexes. The majority occurred at Ashford of Hoover Townhomes.

Lebarron Sharp is one of the tenants who got a letter from management about the crimes.

Hoover Police's Captain Jim Coker says the thieves fled with GPS devices, laptops, i-pods and a dvd player.

Coker warns folks to avoid making themselves easy targets.

"Most of the cases they were breaking windows in one case the vehicle left unlocked," said Coker. "So we need people to lock their cars. Take things inside, put them out of sight."

"That's quite scary to me, and if they are breaking in vehicles next they will be breaking into apartments," said Keisha Wicks. She lives in a complex connected to Ashford of Hoover Townhomes.

Captain Coker added that the burglaries at Ashford of Hoover Townhomes are probably related.
The others happened at Dewberry Downs, Crownchase and Patton Creek Apartments.

There are no suspects. Police are relying on the public for leads.

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