Recount has started across Alabama

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -  Many counties Tuesday began a recount of votes cast during the Republican primary for governor.  Tim James called for a recount after falling 167 votes behind Dr. Robert Bentley.

According to both Bentley and James' campaigns, there were no major changes on this first day of the recount.  However, earlier in the day, Bentley's campaign called for an immediate stop to the counting of what are called "undervotes".

According to the Alabama Republican Party, undervotes were not counted in the primary. But they can be accepted in the recount.  That's because officials can count the vote by hand. However, Bentley says those ballots are being counted by untrained volunteers.

Meanwhile in Jefferson County, several boxes containing ballots had security seals that were broken, causing concern for the Secretary of State.  "The biggest concern is the 11 to 16 boxes there were not sealed in Jefferson County," Beth Chapman said from Montgomery Tuesday afternoon.  "So I'm very concerned if those boxes do not come out with the identical numbers that they came out with on June 1st then we need to find out why there's a discrepancy."

Several counties, including Shelby County, will hold their recount Wednesday.

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