Republican recount rules getting complicated

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Republicans are asking for the ballots from the primary to be released.  

On Thursday, the Jefferson County Republican Party asked Probate Judge Alan King to release the ballots from the June 1st Republican primary to begin a state wide recount. Judge King told the Jeffco Republicans they would need Circuit Judge Scott Vowell's court order before the recount could begin.

The Republican Party is hoping to begin the statewide recount on Tuesday. In Jefferson County, officials would like to begin at 6:00 a.m. and continue until the recount is finished.

Attorney General Troy King says if the numbers change in the recount, neither side can file a contest to the recount results until after the July runoff when the party nominee is named. If the results are challenged, the Republican Party will hold a meeting to decide if there is a second runoff or not.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Mike Hubbard says he hopes that it does not come down to a second runoff. "That would be a problem for the GOP," said Hubbard. "It would cause voter fatigue."

Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman hopes to meet with officials across the state to discuss the process of the recount. Chapman says she is in agreement with the Attorney General on handling the runoff and any challenges to the results.

If a second runoff occurs, it will most likely be paid for by taxpayers.

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