Governor Riley helping with oil spill claims

ORANGE BEACH, AL (WBRC) - Governor Riley and Alabama National Guardsmen will be helping employees file claims at Lulu's Restaurant in Gulf Shores on Friday while cleanup continues in nearby Orange Beach and Perdido Pass.
Darkness fell before BP gave approval to close off the 1,000-foot-wide pass. The latest plan to keep this from happening again is to close the pass on an incoming tide and open it when the tide turns. It is something the mayor had asked the corps of engineers to do weeks ago.

"They essentially laughed at us," said Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon. "They thought we were joking. Well we weren't. But now our goal is to try and do whatever we can do to keep the oil from getting into the sensitive areas."

A new oil sheen was spotted Thursday in Pensacola Bay as more oil makes its way to inland waterways.

The continuous shield of oil is thought to be about one day away from many of these areas.

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