Fairfield murder victim honored through facebook

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM,AL (WBRC) - Thursday, June 10th would have marked Krystal Joy Bennett's 25th birthday.  But she never lived to see it.  On July 4, 2004, the 19-year old Alabama A&M student was shot and killed along with her 17-year old friend, Terrin Greer.  They were caught in a cross fire of bullets at a Fairfield gas station.  "She had such a radiant, loving peaceful personality" Bennett's mother, Sylvia Bennett Stone said.  "It hurts.  Some days are worse, some days okay. Today is a bitter sweet day."    Her best friend Jessica Wormley says she was sitting at home a few months ago when she realized Bennett's 25th birthday was drawing near.  "And I (didn't) want her death to just be another Birmingham murder," Wormley recalled.  "I want it to be a movement, something we can do different in the community." So she and several other friends of Krystal joined with Stone to create a FaceBook page titled:  In Loving Memory of Krystal Joy Bennett.   On that page there are pictures and memories, but also through that site, friends can take a gun pledge, vowing to be a positive influence and violence free.

The goal: to have one million people sign up.  "I just hope everyone goes on and makes the pledge and gets people they know to get people they know because it's important," said Akeela McCaslin, a longtime friend of Krystal's.    They also hope the page will be a forum for young people to openly discuss serious issues.  "We've got to bridge that gap so they feel comfortable saying what they're issues are," Stone says.  "It's hard that  we're not having a blast of a birthday but we're celebrating in a special way.

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