Accused police officer killer denied bond

By Ashley Nix

PELL CITY,AL (WBRC) - Defense Attorney's requested bond set for Bart Wayne Johnson, but Judge Michael Joiner denied that motion as well as a host of others at the Shelby County Courthouse Thursday.  Johnson was escorted from the jail to the courthouse around 1 p.m.  Inside the courthouse he smiled at family members, saying hello to his wife.  Prosecutors stated Johnson is presumed guilty because he was indicted by a grand jury, but defense attorneys say that's not the case.  "Everybody is presumed to be not guilty, and as you well know, there's been a lot of cases that I've tried they were guilty from the get-go then not guilty at the end," said Charles Salvagio, defense attorney representing Johnson.

32 other motions were heard by Judge Joiner, most of which were denied.  Defense attorney's say they are concerned about Johnson getting a fair trial and will ask for a change of venue.  The Judge will also grant attorney's request for a mental evaluation for Johnson, but wouldn't comment on his past or current state of mind.  The capital murder trial will likely be held in late January or early February of 2011.

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