State School Superintendent says he will bill BP for sales tax loss

By Allan Collins

BIRMINGHAM,AL (WBRC) - Pay up or else. Today, State School Superintendent Joe Morton announced he will bill BP for the loss of sale tax dollars due to the oil spill in the gulf.'The British Petroleum nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico is having and will continue to have an impact on the education trust fund."Morton.

Morton says he plans to send a bill of loss tax dollars each month to the oil producer."We will charge BP with restoring the revenue lost so far, as well as future revenue to the ETF."Morton said

Alabam schools are struggling with consecutive years of proration. State school board member Randy McKinney says Alabama schools can not take more hits."There is absolutely no way we can ask these school boards to do more with less as a result of the BP oil spill."McKinney said

While Morton is counting on BP to pay these bills for loss of tax dollars, the state school superintendent says if the oil producer fails to pay the money, he will sue."We will not file an immediate court action. We are going to file procedure . However because of the impact on our schools. We will implement legal action if necessary."Morton said. The superintendent says he would also encourage schools along the gulf coast to file claims with BP.

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