Letter from Al Secretary of State regarding recount

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama's Secretary of State State Beth Chapman will conduct an informational meeting with the probate judges in Alabama counties to further ensure they have a detailed understanding of the recount process. Here is the letter sent to judges today:

Dear Judge:

The Alabama Republican Party has called an informational meeting regarding recount procedures.  It will be held tomorrow (Friday, June 11) at 1 PM in the Joint Briefing Room of the Alabama State House located on the eighth floor.  Mark Kelly will speak about the technical process involving the machines and give guidelines that will be needed for a recount to occur.  The suggestions made will be specific for your county.  Please note that we will fax or email you any documents if you cannot attend.

As you know, this is a party issue, but I wanted to pass this information along to you in case you are interested in attending.  You are the chief elections official of your county and I do respect that.  As soon as I know information on this process, I will make sure to forward it to you as quickly as possible.


Beth Chapman

Secretary of State