Tim James gains votes in tally

Tim James (source WBRC video, June 3, 2010)
Tim James (source WBRC video, June 3, 2010)

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Republican gubenatorial candidate Tim James narrowed the margin Tuesday between him and Robert Bentley in the race for who will face Bradley Byrne in next month's runoff.

Jefferson County Republicans on Tuesday determined they would count 66 of the 290 absentee and provisional ballots cast in last Tuesday's primary.  Of those 66, 24 were provisional ballots cast in the governor's race.  Of those 24, 13 went for James, nine for Bentley, and two for Byrne.

Statewide, the state Republican Party said James has drawn 13 votes closer to Bentley, with 21 counties still remaining to be counted.  That number is still nearly 200 votes away from landing James in a runoff with Byrne.

After last week's vote, Bentley had 208 votes more than James.

James said in an email Monday night to his supporters he planned to call for a recount of the vote.  He asked them to help cover the cost, which has been projected to be as high as $600,000.

The winner of the July 13 runoff will face Ron Sparks in the November general election.

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