Republicans, Democrats look for voting errors

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Republican and Democrat officials gathered Monday at the Jefferson County Courthouse to canvass the vote from last week's primary.

The canvassing of votes is set to check for irregularities.

"Originally you voted by paper ballot and ballot boxes may be stuffed," said Douglas Gilbert, Chairman of the Jefferson Co. Republican Party. "They may get lost on the way to reporting central."

The canvassing is required by law.

"This is the process written into the law," Robert Yarbrough, Chairman of the Jefferson Co. Republican Party said. "We come in and verify the vote, make sure the ballot put into the machine on Tuesday is accounted for."

Tim James still trails Robert Bentley by 208 votes. In order to get into the runoff with Bradley Byrne for the GOP nomination.  Party officials say since the switch to machines there have not been any major errors to sway a election to another candidate.

"I think we are checking the machines now and he haven't found any errors at all," Gilbert said.

Even the head of the Jefferson County Democratic Party believes it will be difficult for James to pull a head of Bentley.

"An error in tabulation, he is facing an uphill battle," Yarbrough said. "To find that many provisionals ballots, that's also a steep hill."

Tuesday, the Jefferson Co. Election Commission will meet and determine how many provisional ballots will be counted. These are ballots that were filled out because of the voters did not have identification, they were at the wrong voting station or if their vote was challenged.

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