Roasted Caramelized Cinnamon Ice Cream

Roasted Caramelized Cinnamon Ice Cream with Jalapeno Cornucopia and Fresh Berries

150 gm – sugar, cooked to a light caramel
15 gm – cinnamon stick, roasted
150 gm – sugar
1 liter – milk
250 gm – cream
12 egg yolks
250 gm Dark Chocolate
1. Boil sugar to a light caramel stage.
2. Add cinnamon sticks that have been roasted.
3. Pour in milk and cream. Allow the flavors to infuse.
4. Add eggs and temper. Cook as a sauce anglaise.
5. Add in the melted dark chocolate and stir well.
6. Strain into an ice bath and allow to cool.
7. Pour into an ice cream machine and turn immediately.
8. Serve with a jalapeno Cornucopia and fresh garden berries.
Happy cooking!
(Recipe prepared by Dr. Luis F. Pineda and Chef Antony Osborne)