Republicans excited over primary voter turnout

By Alan Collins

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Alabama Republicans say Tuesday was a big day for the party."I'm excited about it. It was a great day for the Republican party," Mike Hubbard, Alabama Republican Party Chairman said.
Hubbard says 61% of the total voters in Alabama voted in the Republican primary. That compares to 39% in the Democratic primary.  The party chairman says a lot of Republicans ran for different races and even some heated races at times.
But the big turnout is causing big problems. The runoff with Bradley Byrne remains up in the air. The party is not sure who challenge Byrne with a close race between second place Robert Bentley and third place Tim James.  "Pretty standard rules when you are dealing with general but not primaries. We don't know of a time this has happened," Hubbard said.
The party is trying to determine what the law covers in close elections. Another issue is possible crossover voting coming from state democrats and the members of the Alabama Education Association which wants to beat Byrne. "I'm sure they will try. I few Republicans let the primary be hijacked it's our fault. I don't think that will happen."
There is no rule against crossover voting in the republican primary. The Democrats have an anti-crossover rule but most consider it unenforceable. "This would have to be a coordinated and public effort. If that is the case we will be able to educate our voters about it."Hubbard said.
UAB political analyst Larry Powell down plays the impact of crossover. "AEA is going to be interested in Byrne losing but there will be Democratic runoffs in the state. Voters will go to the polls and vote in those elections," Powell said.

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