Lipscomb votes to ban texting while driving

By Arielle Clay

LIPSCOMB, AL (WBRC) - Texting while driving is now illegal in the city of Lipscomb.  The Lipscomb City council voted Tuesday night on a ban that would have violators face up to $100 plus court costs.  

Lipscomb police admit that enforcing these bans can be difficult.  For now they plan to ticket those they can visibly see texting while behind the wheel.

"You know if a police officer is sitting on the side of the road and they see someone driving and the cell phone is up near the windshield cause they're usually trying to see the phone while they're trying to text then as of yesterday they have the right to pull them over," Lipscomb police chief, Warren Powe, said.

Vestavia Hills, Jacksonville, Roanoke, and Adamsville have also passed bans on texting while driving.   

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