Artur Davis asks for "color blind" votes on Tuesday

By Arielle Clay

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - As Tuesday's election nears, several politicians did some last minute campaigning at More Than Conquerors Church including Congressman Artur Davis.  And while he says he does not want the election to be racially divided, he did touch on the issue of race several times in his remarks to church members.

"It used to be I wouldn't have a chance to run for governor," Davis said.

Davis, a candidate for governor, says he chose to speak at the church in part because it is one of the state's largest African American churches.  Davis' Democratic opponent Ron Sparks has made a push to win over African American voters and during the campaign swept all four major black political groups.  But Davis says he is confident in the outcome of Tuesday's election.

"We certainly see movement in our polling in the African American community in our direction significantly in the last few days and the race continues to be almost dead even in the white communities as it's been in for a very long time," Davis said.

Sparks disputes those facts and says it depends on which polls you take into account.

If elected governor Davis says he will support rewriting the state's constitution and do away with special interest business tax breaks.  He also points to an economic development strategy he has for the state that does not depend on electronic bingo, which is favored by his opponent.

"I see more than a casino in every black neighborhood.  I see more than a casino in every black neighborhood.  I see more than you having what somebody else don't want," Davis said.

Even with all the talk of race Davis says he hopes on Tuesday voters will cast color blind ballots.

"The worst thing for the state of Alabama would be a racially divided vote where whites vote for one candidate and blacks vote for another that would spell doom for the democrats in November," Davis said.

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