Apathetic, confused, or detached describes some voters

By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Tuesday, Alabama voters will decide who will be on the November's ballot in several state and local races, but as of Monday night, some still don't know who they will vote for.

Many voters said they haven't been following the different campaigns, and don't plan on voting.

Others said they just don't really feel connected to one particular candidate.

"I don't feel like anyone is making a strong effort to really the fix the issues going on," said Nashia Daniel.

"I just don't have a favorite candidate because I don't find anyone especially intriguing, or anyone that matches my views," said Miranda Rolen.

Many people said they will stay home Tuesday because they don't feel their vote will make much difference.

"I just think with Alabama being such a historically conservative state, it's almost guaranteed it will be a Republican candidate," said Ryan O'Hara, "So my vote doesn't matter much."

Others said they were turned off by all the negative TV ads, and they think candidates should focus more on the issues.  "It's very confusing," said Tom Monroe. "One ad says one thing, the opponents ad says another thing. Then they'll get on radio talk shows and contradict each other, and it's just really hard to figure out what is true, and what isn't true."

"I have a lot of family in Minnesota and they watch the ads as a joke," said Patricia Clark. "They are on YouTube and people are making a mockery of the ads in Alabama. "

Alabama's Secretary of State is predicting a 35-38% turnout. That would be in-line with the turnout for the 2002 and 2006 gubernatorial primaries.

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