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Gov. Riley supports Strange, not his 2004 appointee, Troy King

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Attorney General Troy King says Governor Bob Riley wants someone he can control. Riley is endorsing King's republican opponent Luther Strange. 

A campaign flyer from the Strange camp was distributed with Riley supporting Strange over  Troy King, the man who Riley appointed in 2004 to attorney general office.   

Friday,  King says it's because he refused to give Riley favorable A.G. opinions. "Over the last six years, Governor Riley has asked me to issue legal opinions to support his political positions. Opinions I knew and he knew were wrong." King said.

As an example, King says Riley wanted political cover with an opinion after the governor moved property tax reappraisals from every four years to annually. 

King says after his refusa,l he became the subject of ethics investigations. Starting with the state bar, then the Alabama Ethics Commission, eventually the U.S. Attorney's Office.

"The same complaint was filed with the U-S Attorney's office. For the next 18 months, a grand jury harassed my family and my office. Leaking grand jury information in violation of federal law." King said.

He was cleared in all cases. Still, the Attorney General King accused his republican opponent of using the ethics probes for political gain. "These investigations and the leaks from the violation of federal law have become the foundation of Luther Strange's sleazy television commercials." King said.

Governor Rileys' Communication Director Jeff  Emerson released this statement. "Senator Shelby, Senator Sessions, Governor Riley and many others don't support Troy King because he won't enforce the law, period. Plus, everybody knows if you want Troy King to issue a favorable opinion, you've got to throw a party for him." Emerson said. This is in  reference to King issuing an opinion about electronic bingo in Houston County and later having an event thrown for King by Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley.

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