Woman catches self on fire while burning repossessed car

MOUNTAINBORO, AL (WBRC) – A woman who was trying to get revenge for the repossession of a vehicle accidentally set herself ablaze during the act.

On May 8th, 26-year-old Haleigh Elizabeth Boland poured gasoline on her former vehicle at the residence of the victim, who had recently repossessed the vehicle. After several failed attempts to light the gasoline from a safer distance, Boland moved closer to the vehicle for an easier ignition. That is when the gasoline erupted in a fireball that also lit Boland's clothes on fire.

A security camera video of Boland shows her panickedly moving about  while trying to extinguish the flames before running to a vehicle to escape.

Haleigh confessed to being the individual in the video after being interviewed by Etowah County Sheriff's investigators. She suffered first and second degree burns on her upper body.

Haleigh and her father, 50-year-old Benny Gene Boland, were both arrested and charged with first degree criminal mischief. They have each been released on $2,500 bonds.

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