New video makes healthy eating cool

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A video created by a UAB senior is getting the message across that eating healthy is cool.

UAB film student Anna Lloyd created the video, "Fresh Grown". It features five local children rapping and dancing in a grocery store and at Pepper Place Farmers' Market while surrounded by fruits and vegetables. The lyrics to the song reinforce the idea of enjoying the healthy food.

"I realized that the kids already knew what they should be eating, but they said it just wasn't cool to eat healthy," Lloyd said. "So, I wanted a video that would make healthy foods cool, and that's where the idea for a hip-hop video came from."

The dancers in the video were auditioned by Winston Strickland of the M.A.D. Skillz Dance Company and the rap lyrics were written by UAB senior Joel Brown.

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