Documentary screening to benefit local homeless shelters

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A new documentary about homelessness by a UAB professor and a UAB alumnus will be helping the homeless in more ways than one.

"American Refugees: Homelessness in Four Movements" was made by UAB Associate Professor of Sociology Jeffery M. Clair, Ph.D. and alumnus Jason Wasserman, Ph. D. The movie focuses on Birmingham's homeless community and aims to break stereotypes that endure about homeless.

The film took four years to film and the filmmakers say it captures every aspect of homeless life.

"In this film, we are trying to bridge a variety of issues addressed in the book with an artistic presentation that helps convey the emotional depths of homelessness in a way that is difficult with text," said Wasserman. "Like the issue of homelessness itself, the film is chaotic and multidimensional, dark in many respects, but with an underlying hopefulness."

A viewing of "American Refugees" will be shown on Thursday June 3rd at the Speakeasy in Birmingham. Tickets are $6 at the door and proceeds will benefit the Church of the Reconciler and the Firehouse Shelter.
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