Police and community unite to discuss violence

By Emily Luxen

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) -  After a deadly shooting at a graduation party over the weekend, a group of Tuscaloosa community leaders are uniting in an effort to stop the violence.       

Wednesday night's event featured prayer and suggestions on how to stop the problem.

Residents said the situation is frustrating, and they want to see an end to the senseless violence.

"It's not alright," said Olivia Davis. "It's time for the community and parents to come together and find what is going on with our children, and why we have so much violence."

Tuscaloosa Police said 20-year-old Akeem Prewitt opened fire in a crowded room at an apartment complex early Sunday. Maurice Muhammad said he felt it was important to organize Wednesday's event because now is the time for the community to unite and fight back.

"I think one of the greatest causes is apathy," said Muhammad. "One of the things to prevent these situations is to become more involved in the day to day operations of our communities, and the daily policing of our community."

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson said it will take everyone's help to stop the violence.

"We as Tuscaloosa Police Department realize we don't have the resources to address all the problems in the community," said Chief Anderson. "We need the community's support and help in doing that."

Residents at the event said they are ready to take the first step towards making their community safer, and hopefully, prevent future tragedies from happening.

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