Jefferson County Commissioners blast attorneys involved in occupational tax case

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County commissioners blast attorneys involved in the occupational tax case.

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled last Friday that taxpayers could be billed for $37.8 million, if Jefferson County decides to recollect the tax.  The money is currently being held in an escrow account, and taxpayer attorneys Jim McFerrin, Sam Hill, and Allen Dodd have asked DeKalb County Circuit Judge for 35% of the balance, which could total more than $13 million.  Jefferson County attorneys have filed legal documents opposing the legal fee request.

Jefferson County Commissioners received a briefing about the ruling Wednesday.  Commission president Bettye Fine Collins and other commissioners say if taxpayers have to pay the $13 million in legal fees, it proves the plaintiffs attorneys are not working for the taxpayers, but for a paycheck.

So far, FOX 6 News has not been able to contact attorneys Jim McFerrin, Sam Hill, or Allen Dodd.  However, in the past McFerrin has told FOX 6 News that taxpayers are due a refund, and Jefferson County cannot recollect the money without a new law from the Alabama Legislature.

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