Chilton County parents give school board their concerns

By Sherea Harris

CLANTON, AL (WBRC) - Parents in Chilton County say bullying is a problem in schools.

They attended a school board meeting Tuesday to speak to officials about what's been happening to students.

The issue of bullying was recently brought to light after a 15-year-old Jemison High School student committed suicide last week.

Parents shared stories with school board members about their children being bullied. One parent believes it may have caused his daughter to kill herself.

Jim Moore's daughter Jaime, known as Alex, jumped to her death last week from a bridge over I-65.

Moore has heard from her classmates that students picked on her a lot because of her weight. He wants to know if it was ignored by school officials.

Chilton County Schools Superintendent Keith Moore says according to police, there is no evidence bullying led to Alex's suicide and he's not aware of a problem of bullying.

"If this is a problem we need to know about it," said Keith Moore. "We're here to help we're not hiding anything."

"My position is to raise awareness so this doesn't happen to another child," said Jim Moore. "So that another family doesn't have to go through this."

Superintendent Moore says he strongly urges students to tell an adult or school official if they are being harassed or bullied.

State lawmakers are hoping to crack down on bullying in Alabama schools and make punishments more strict.

Superintendent Moore says by July 1st, all school districts are required to have an anti-bullying policy in place.

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