Bell's budget cuts not very popular with city council

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – On Tuesday, Birmingham Mayor William Bell offered several budget trimming ideas to the Birmingham City Council.

The Mayor says that he believes a 10% pay cut is necessary to keep from making layoffs. He says the cuts would be temporary, but have to be done.

Another offering of the Mayor would be to close 7 rec centers and 5 libraries. The closings would take place after summer. The specific libraries and rec centers have not been named.

Mayor Bell says he would be willing to eliminate several positions within his own staff and would like to see early retirements and buyouts become available next year.

These proposed cuts come after city leaders found that the budget would not be as high as originally expected. The budget will come out to around $350 million after last year's $390 million budget led to a projection of over $400 million for this year.

City Councilors say they are upset that they were told about the cuts first and believe that they may not be necessary if the funds can be raised.

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