Three students’ work may reopen cold homicide case

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The Homewood Police Department may be reopening a decade-old homicide case after three UAB students spent several months examining evidence.

Lindsay Duty, Kathrine Simmons and Shannon Crock worked on the murder case of David Traywick. Traywick was shot and killed in front of his Homewood apartment complex in 1998. Under the watch of a UAB Forensic Science professor, the students read, reorganized and listened to all evidence in the case while recording patterns in behavior among the suspects and witnesses. Then they created a timeline of the events and relations of people involved in the case.

The work was then presented to Homewood Police Sgt. Doug Finch, who will make the call on whether or not to reopen the case.

"What they accomplished was better than what I expected," said Finch, "and it was very helpful to me because we don't have the luxury of dwelling on just one case at a time. This particular case went cold for a reason. There was just not a lot to go on.