New businesses in Homewood

By Emily Luxen

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Despite the struggling economy, downtown Homewood has seen grand openings at a series of new shops and restaurants.

The Hallman Hill development is the latest place to feature new additions. A new Mexican restaurant is there, so is an Opthalmology center.  Other new development down the street from Hallman Hill includes a new hotel. Several new stores and restaurants have also opened in the SoHo and  downtown.
"What we're seeing is good businesses attract good businesses," said Homewood Mayor Scott McBrayer. "We've lost some retail, but when you look at what it's being replaced by, we are much further ahead than normally you would be."

McBrayer credits good planning, and positive attitude of city leaders for the city's success in the struggling economy.

"We made a decision to be positive and progressive, and do things that benefit the community," said McBrayer. "We want to have a livable, walkable, friendly city."

Residents who frequent the downtown area said it's great to see it growing and improving without losing its unique atmosphere.

"There's a lot of growing, new spaces, and it's a nice family oriented old part of town," said Kelly Tibbett. "I enjoy it."

The city's first farmers market will also open May 22. It will be located at the cornet of 18th Street South and 29th Avenue.

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