Avondale Park renovations were revealed Monday

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Plans to renovate Avondale Park were unveiled Monday night.  The KPS Architecture Group showed the drawings to the Friends of Avondale Park.

The improvements include renovating the park's historic amphitheatre, building a new entrance, and revamping the baseball complex, which will include three new fields.

There's also potential for bringing back the park's wading pools, adding a play area, and a fountain.

"We really listened to what the community wanted and used that to put together the plan," said Amy Smith of the KPS Group.

FOAP Members liked what they saw. "That's very exciting...it looks beautiful," said member Martha Jane Patton.

The improvements carry an estimated price tag of 3-million dollars. The park's friends were worried after the city cut it's funding.  But now with talks of new dollars coming through a stimulus package the city just approved, hope for the project has been revived.

"We hope the city keeps us on (the list).  It's an important investment for this program," says FOAP President Adam Synder.  "It's time for our kids and families to have the park we once had again here in Avondale."

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