Artur Davis: Sparks campaign should denounce racial tactics

By Nate Hall

BIRMINGHAM (WBRC) – Gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis is calling for his opponent to end campaign tactics that focus on Davis' race.

In an interview on Good Day Alabama, Davis says that supporters of Ron Sparks are putting pressure on Democratic leaders with the idea that Davis would not be able to win the vote of whites in Alabama. Davis says they are claiming him to be unelectable because of his race and are pushing claims that he is endangering a Democratic victory in the race for governor.

"That is exactly the wrong kind of politics in this state," says Davis.

According to Davis, his camp intercepted a letter from a Ron Sparks supporter in Mobile to several prominent Mobile Democrats. Allegedly, the letter point-blankly stated that Artur Davis could not get 35% of the white vote while Ron Sparks could.

"That is an explicit statement that race should be a disqualifying factor in the Democratic Primary," says Davis. "We ought to be 75 years past that kind of politics."

As for who is behind the remarks, Davis says that he expects the Sparks campaign to denounce the tactics.

"The Ron Sparks campaign needs to distance itself from it or we must assume they are driving it," says Davis.

Davis adds that the author of the letter is $1000 donor to the Sparks campaign. He says they should return his money and denounce the letter.

"Democratic voters in Alabama deserve a campaign in this final three weeks campaign about substance," says Davis.

Sparks campaign spokesman Taylor Bright responded to Davis' remarks with his own.

"This is a despicable and irresponsible charge by a desperate Artur Davis. Race has no place in any campaign," said Bright. "Artur Davis is unelectable in November because he is a lousy congressman who voted with banks, insurance companies and credit card companies against the people of Alabama."

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