Lawmakers continue to testify before grand jury

By Alan Collins

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - It is day three of a federal grand jury investigating possible corruption at the Alabama Statehouse. More Alabama lawmakers testified before the grand jury Thursday in Montgomery.  

Birmingham Senator Steve French voted against the bill to legalize electronic bingo in the state. French says he has contacted authorities about possible inappropriate acts committed at the statehouse."I thought some offers were inappropriate and I made that available to public officials," French said.
The electronic bingo bill cleared the Alabama senate. It was okayed by a house committee but never came up for a vote in the House of Representatives.  Gadsden Representative Craig Ford voted for the bill in committee."I've been in the legislature for 10 years. I've never known anyone to do a quid pro quo with me or anyone else. I don't know anything about vote buying. I don't know anything of that nature," Ford said.
Dothan Representative Benjamin Lewis confirmed he has been working with investigators for more than a year. Lewis did not confirm he was bribed but he does believe there were illegal acts. "There was an incident that occurred in March of 2009 that I thought went beyond the limits of operations. Norman circumstances," Lewis aid.
On Wednesday, Gardendale Senator Scott Beason confirmed he has also been working with authorities over similar acts. The grand jury is expected to wrap up this week but more lawmakers are expected to return for more questioning at a later date.

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