Linguine Red Clam Sauce

Linguine Red Clam Sauce
12 Clams
1/3 cup Garlic
1/3 Cup White Wine
1 Table spoon Parsley {Fresh Parsley}
Salt & Pepper to taste
8 oz Linguine Cook to desired Taste
Marinara Sauce Fresh Made or Bottled
Saute Garlic & White Wine Parsley Salt Pepper Till Light Brown
Add Clams and Cook till all are open Add Marinara Sauce and serve over Linguine .
2nd Dish Shrimp Carone 12 26-30 Size Shrimp
1/3 Cup Onions ( Sliced thin)
1/3 Cup Peppers  Green Or Red Your Choice or Both.
Saute Peppers , Onions in Olive Oil & Shrimp till desired Tenderness Add Marinara sauce and serve over a Penne Pasta .

GDA Cooking - May 6, 2010.