Federal grand jury begins second day of e-bingo testimony

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) – A federal grand jury looking into allegations of corruption associated with the electronic bingo bill has begun another day of testimony.

The grand jury is investigating whether or not some lawmakers were bribed into voting for  the bill.

Already at the courthouse by 9:00 a.m. were Senators Priscilla Dunn(D) of Bessemer, Hinton Mitchem(D) of Union Grove and Representative Mac Gipson® of Prattville.

Gipson finished up his testimony before the grand jury after about 30 minutes. He says he was questioned about lobbyists and lawmakers who are both pro- and anti-bingo. The grand jury also asked if received any contribution money from bingo lobbyists. He says he is not aware of any such money nor was he aware of any bribes to lawmakers from any lobbyists.

Representative Barry Mask (R) of Wetumpka told reporters that he had testified that he knew of corruption at the Alabama State House, but he did not elaborate any further. He remarked that it was sad to see the allegations and what they have done to the state. Mask added that he felt the investigation will lead to a cleanup effort in the legislature.

Dunn and Mitchem have been shown to support the e-bingo bill originally.

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